I’m passionate about video production and editing. I am also proud to focus a lot of my videography work around my other passion, fundraising and education. I’m enthusiastic about helping foundations as well as local non-profits and charities grow their businesses and raise awareness. I understand that marketing dollars aren’t easy to come by, which is why I provide my video production services at an affordable rate – no matter how small your organization. Allow me to tell your story and elevate your cause with quality videos for small organizations.

I can tell your story in a positive and welcoming way to encourage more donations, to increase support and to create greater awareness. I want to learn more about your mission so we can educate your target market effectively.

Ask yourself these questions:

      • What is the primary cause of your non-profit organization and/or who are the primary beneficiaries?
        What are we trying to promote or raise awareness for?
      • Who is this message for and whom does it benefit?
        Who are you targeting and trying to reach?
      • Why should people support your organization and/or your cause?
        How are you different from your competitors?
      • How can people get involved, donate, volunteer or even purchase your goods and/or services?
        How can your target audience and supporters contact you?

Lets connect and see how I can help educate your target audience through the art of visual display and my extensive video services

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